Latest News Why I support DEP’s Liberty State Park revitalization plan | Opinion

By Rob Menendez

Jersey Journal Guest Columnist

As a Jersey City parent, I feel deeply fortunate that my two young children have access to one of the best natural resources in the country – Liberty State Park.

I want to make sure future generations get to do so as well.

I strongly support the Liberty State Park revitalization plan which would safeguard our environment, upgrade park infrastructure, increase recreational opportunities, and boost quality of life.

I commend the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s plans to open up and revitalize more areas of the park. It is critical that the revitalization plan preserves the park for our densely populated area and state residents, rather than catering to those who want to profit from it.

The Liberty State Park revitalization plan is a chance to ensure that this historically significant site has a strong future, including initiatives that will clean up pollution and complete ecological restoration. We are obligated to do everything possible to safeguard our planet, protect biodiversity, and increase quality of life for all.

The plan also seeks to grow the park’s offerings, from new trails and multi-purpose athletic fields to educational programs and cultural events.

New and improved amenities such as playgrounds, pathways, public areas, picnic tables, restrooms, and signage will make visiting our beloved Liberty State Park an even greater experience for the millions of folks who do so each and every year.

Having been created in direct partnership with our residents, this transformative project and process continues to be community-centric, all the way through.

I am optimistic that this collaborative and environmentally conscious approach will serve as a model for how we continue to improve our cities and our world.

I am also grateful for the work of community members and activists who have fought so hard for decades to ensure that Liberty State Park remains an oasis for all residents of Jersey City, the Eighth Congressional District and our state.

I look forward to spending countless weekends with my family and neighbors at the revitalized Liberty State Park and know it will continue to serve our communities well for generations to come.

Rep. Rob Menendez represents New Jersey’s Eighth District (parts of Hudson, Union and Essex counties) in the U.S. House of Representatives.