Menendez for Congress

What Voters Need to Know

Democratic primary voting Hispanics in New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District need to see, hear, and read, in both Spanish and English, that Congressman Rob Menendez is committed to making health care more accessible and affordable and that he has fought to make New Jersey more affordable for working people. And as New Jersey’s only Hispanic Congressman, Rob Menendez has been a strong Hispanic leader for the Hispanic community.

  • Rob Menendez knows how important our health care is — he’s fought to lower the cost of prescription drugs, make hospital billing more transparent, make sure seniors can live in dignity by protecting Social Security and Medicare, and strengthened women’s health care.
  • The first bill Rob Menendez introduced when getting to Congress was a comprehensive effort to make life more affordable for working people in New Jersey, from lowering the cost of prescription drugs for seniors, increasing tax credits for child care, making it easier to take care of older family members, and making quality public transportation more accessible.
  • Rob Menendez is New Jersey’s only Hispanic Congressman or woman, is a leader in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and is fighting for immigrant communities and immigration reform.

Democratic Primary voters who are not Hispanic – particularly in Jersey City and Hoboken – need to see on digital, streaming and cable programs and read in mail that in a recent three-count lawsuit, Ravi Bhalla was accused of (and has allegedly repeatedly engaged in) quid pro quo, retaliatory, and defamatory practices. Bhalla removed several dedicated employees at his whim because he felt politically threatened by their honest work. Bhalla also routinely prevented two Hoboken Councilwomen from speaking with city employees on critical city business.

Residents of the 8th Congressional District deserve civil servants that are focused on empowering our communities – not hypocritical opportunists.


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Last revised on Thursday, May 23, 2024.