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Menendez for Congress Campaign Launches First English and Spanish Video Ads

The re-election campaign of Rep. Rob Menendez has launched its first series of ads in English and Spanish, highlighting Congressman Menendez’s record of fighting for the district.

The ads – “For Us” and “Nuestra Voz” – will run on streaming video and connected TV platforms, including Hulu and YouTube, with an ad buy of nearly $200,000.

 For Us

Rob Menendez does what he says.
Always fighting for what matters to us.
Taking on the toughest fights on the biggest issues.
Unafraid to go after the MAGA extremists.
And getting things done.
That’s how he’s built a reputation as a straight-talking leader.
Rob does what he says, and he does it for us.
That’s who Rob Menendez is.

 Nuestra Voz

 (English translation)

Rob Menendez is our voice.
Rob is New Jersey’s only Hispanic Congressman.
And a leader in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.
That’s why what matters to us, matters to Rob.
Strengthening health care and making it accessible to our community.
And making life more affordable for working people.
Rob Menendez is our Congressman.
He’s our voice.