Rob's Priorities

Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Tropical Storm Ida, Super Storm Sandy, and other storms in recent years devastated our district with a significant toll of human life, extreme property damage, and damage to our infrastructure. Climate change isn’t a distant threat. It is here and has had severe impacts on our area, hurting underserved communities the most. I think every day about the world we are leaving to the next generation. 

We must move swiftly to address climate change. That’s why I’m a cosponsor of the COAST Anti-Drilling Act and the Clean Water Act to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and establish standards of protection for wetlands, streams, and other water bodies. 

In office, I will advocate to:

  • Support Democratic efforts to provide half a trillion dollars for our clean energy economy;
  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 to improve the sustainability of the planet;
  • Provide cost savings and rebates to district residents as they transition their homes to clean energy;
  • Ensure that clean energy technology is manufactured in the United States, creating union jobs while battling climate change;
  • Electrify our public transit infrastructure; and
  • Champion environmental justice through initiatives like the Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator Act so that majority-minority communities are no longer forced to shoulder the burden of pollution and climate change.