Rob's Priorities


We need to continue to expand access to affordable healthcare for every person in the 8th Congressional District and to protect a woman’s right to choose. The Affordable Care Act has provided access to healthcare to tens of millions of underinsured or uninsured individuals across the United States, including many in our district. While Republicans in Washington, D.C. continue to try their best to make healthcare harder to access through countless attempts to gut the ACA and through their dismantling of the protections long-afforded to women through Roe v. Wade., Democrats are working every day to expand the ACA and find meaningful solutions to the healthcare challenges facing our families. We must ensure that access to all forms of healthcare is protected and expanded. In Congress, I will fight to:

  • Protect and expand the Affordable Care Act for the millions who rely on it every day;
  • Lower the cost of quality health insurance coverage for all families in our district;
  • Make sure that every American has access to the best medical care available regardless of ability to pay; and
  • Codify Roe v. Wade and restore a woman’s fundamental reproductive right to have autonomy over her own body—period.
  • Enact support legislation that protects a women’s ability to access medication that has made abortions safer and more accessible for those who have made that choice.
  • Advocate to the FDA to lift restrictions and make it easier for women to obtain these medications through the mail so their reproductive choices are not limited by where they live or work.
  • Repeal the Hyde Amendment, which only serves to make it harder for women of limited means to access abortions.