Rob's Priorities

Voting Rights

Across the United States, Republican elected officials have pushed to roll back critical voting rights laws and voter protections, often disenfranchising vulnerable or underserved populations. We take tremendous pride in the fact that we worked to reach every corner of our district in 2022, and will do so again this year – our residents must be invested in our election process.

I am proud to be a cosponsor of the Freedom to Vote Act, which would protect the right to vote and establish Election Day as a Federal Holiday; as well as the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would address barriers to the ballot box – the linchpin of our democracy. We must act to remove obstacles that many Americans face when voting so that our government truly reflects the will of the people. 

As your representative, I will always back legislation to:

  • Defend the right to vote—a right the Supreme Court has said is “regarded as a fundamental political right” because it preserves all other rights;
  • Oppose voting policies that disproportionately harm communities of color, seniors, and 
  • students, such as voter ID laws, restrictive registration requirements, and limits on early voting.
  • Enact comprehensive voting rights legislation, such as the Freedom to Vote Act and the For the People Act; and
  • Stand up and fight against every Republican attempt to attack the right to vote.