Rob's Priorities

Childcare & Education

The cost of childcare and education has skyrocketed in recent years, disproportionately impacting working families and making life even more difficult for residents of our district. We must continuously invest in our future – this means increasing equitable access to child care and to all levels of education.

In Congress, we work every single day to devise and enact future-forward solutions. That’s why I introduced the Parental Workforce Training Act, which would create a pilot program to issue $10 million in federal grants to local workforce boards for the purpose of subsidizing child care expenses for participants, and cosponsor the Child Care for Every Community Act and the Child Care Stabilization Act.

I’m also fighting to make all levels of education more accessible and affordable. I support the Keep Our Promise to America’s Children and Teachers Act and the Universal School Meals Program Act to ensure equitable access to quality elementary and secondary education. I’m also a proud cosponsor of the College for All Act and the Loan Forgiveness for Educators Act, which would make crucial reforms that address the root cause of the student debt crisis and make it easier for borrowers to satisfy their student loans.

In Washington, I will legislate to:

  • Expand and extend the Child Tax Credit and cap child care costs at 7% of income for many families;
  • Guarantee universal preschool for all families;
  • Invest in early childhood care, including universal pre-K
  • Fully fund child nutrition programs;
  • Expand public school funding to reduce class sizes and support our education workforce;
  • Lower interest rates on student loans and expand loan forgiveness programs; and
  • Guarantee tuition-free higher education at public institutions for the majority of students.