Rob's Priorities


We need a public transportation system that meets the current and future needs of our workforce and our communities. While significant progress has been made by our New Jersey delegation, our federal government still has underfunded public transit infrastructure. This has resulted in outdated equipment, service delays, and bridges and tunnels that are not meant for 21st century transportation needs, leaving residents of the 8th Congressional District frustrated and disserviced. As a Member of Congress, I will work to:

  • Ensure that our district gets every dollar and cent it is entitled to from the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Act;
  • Secure funding and federal support for the largest critical infrastructure project in the country, the Gateway Program, which will create thousands of jobs while replacing century-old bridges and tunnels that have the potential to cripple the Northeast Corridor;
  • Upgrade our power and clean-energy infrastructure through investments in electric buses, charging stations for electric vehicles, and cutting-edge energy technology to secure a zero-emissions future; and
  • Fight for even more funding to improve transportation and create good-paying union jobs across the 8th District to build a transportation system of the future.